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July 21, 2023

Considering A Tech Career? 14 Future-Forward Specialties To Explore

As more and more industries and businesses embrace the productivity and cost benefits of technology, the options for budding tech pros looking for a career are growing. Even so, technology is ever-evolving, and students would be wise to keep an eye on which specialties are or will soon be in high demand. By researching and […]

As more and more industries and businesses embrace the productivity and cost benefits of technology, the options for budding tech pros looking for a career are growing. Even so, technology is ever-evolving, and students would be wise to keep an eye on which specialties are or will soon be in high demand.

By researching and choosing wisely, a tech student of today can set themselves up for an interesting and rewarding tech-focused career in the industry of their choice tomorrow. Below, 12 members of Forbes Technology Council share tech specialties that are currently (or soon will be) in high demand, and why.

1. Cybersecurity

A new generation of cybersecurity threats is emerging. With the advent of opaque, complex technologies such as artificial intelligence; the growing use of APIs; and the increasing inclusion of open-source software in the creation of new software products, new attack vectors are more hidden and more embedded. Tech pros who understand how these vectors can be compromised and secured will be the top recruits of tomorrow. - Javed Hasan, Lineaje

2. Data Science

With the tsunami of data businesses now capture, data scientists have emerged as a critical component in turning data into actionable insights. There is no doubt a big payoff for students studying to develop the unique blend of mathematical, statistical and programming skills data science requires. Today, data scientists are reshaping the ways businesses deliver strategic insights to knowledge workers. - Karim Pourak, ProcessMiner

3. AI And ML

I would recommend that tech students focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies are rapidly advancing, and new applications are emerging in multiple industries, making professionals with expertise in these fields highly sought after. To differentiate yourself, focus on how to operationalize AI inside companies. - Monika MuellerSoftensity Inc.

4. Generative AI Prompt Engineering

The new generative AI tools create content based on text inputs, providing more accurate, higher-value output when given precise instructions. Prompt engineering is increasingly integrated into the systems that automate AI workflows. Good engineers not only know how to generate the best prompts, but they also know the best models, or layers of models, to leverage to get the best possible result. - Aaron Harris, Sage

5. The Rust Programming Language

Developers who understand the Rust programming language will be in high demand over the next few years. Rust is a new programming language that’s gaining popularity because of its safety guarantees and high level of performance. Rust can reduce the amount of time required to release features, because it incorporates better quality checks while code is being built. These quality checks prevent production errors. - Austin Gadient, Vali Cyber

6. Web3 And Blockchain

I would recommend students familiarize themselves with Web3 and blockchain technology and terminology. Web3 aims to take power out of the hands of big tech companies and place it in the hands of internet users, promoting decentralization and transparency online. Reading industry news daily would be a good first step. - Sheraz Ahmed, STORM Partners

7. Industry Cloud Platforms

Industry cloud platforms have surpassed on-site data centers, spurring a steady demand among top IT companies. These platforms provide businesses with a secure, private ecosystem and effectively lessen costly infrastructure expenses. Consequently, there is a need for upcoming tech professionals to build and oversee these cloud platforms, presenting a future-ready opportunity to thrive in the long run. - Dharmesh Acharya, Radixweb

8. VR And AR Development

As virtual and augmented reality technologies become increasingly prevalent, there will be a huge demand for engineers and developers who can design and code AR and VR applications. From simple AR applications for stores to immersive video games and first-row experiences, the possibilities for augmented and virtual reality seem endless. - Nacho De Marco, BairesDev

9. Ethical AI

Combining non-tech with tech skills is a sure way to differentiate yourself and add value. In the world of AI, we are challenged by ethics and bias issues. Developers should be aware of potential biases in data, algorithms and decision-making processes, striving for fairness, transparency and accountability. Experts in addressing the ethical implications and bias potential of AI technology will be in high demand. - Henri Isenberg, ReviewInc

10. DevOps

I expect to see more tech leaders looking for DevOps engineers in the near future. The roles and responsibilities of this job are maintaining, developing and launching systems and software throughout a company. We will all need these people front and center when designing products based on upcoming technology. - Thomas Griffin, OptinMonster

11. Spatial Computing

One in-demand tech specialty is spatial computing, which blends augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality. It creates immersive experiences by combining the physical and digital worlds. This specialty will be highly sought after in the gaming, entertainment, education, architecture and healthcare industries. - Andrew Blackman, EZ Cloud

12. Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is a pivotal tech specialty that anchors future technologies, including quantum machine learning, with immense computational power that carries the potential to revolutionize diverse industries. For aspiring tech professionals, mastering this domain could catapult them to the forefront of imminent tech revolutions. - Amitkumar Shrivastava, Fujitsu

13. Sales Empowerment

If I were a student with a tech career in my sights, I would focus on sales empowerment (via CRM systems) or data processing (any kind of data science). Nothing will be more important for businesses in the upcoming decade as the need to integrate Salesforce into everything. Along with that will come the need for data aggregation, processing, storage and manipulation. Everything else may be more sexy—but it comes totally second to sales and metrics. - Tom Roberto, Core Technology Solutions

14. Leadership

I recommend honing your leadership skills, as they’re in high demand and will continue to be so. The tech industry requires professionals who can lead teams effectively, drive innovation and navigate complex projects. Developing strong leadership abilities, including communication and problem-solving and decision-making skills, will help set you apart and position you for success in your tech career. - Patrick Emmons, DragonSpears, Inc.

Article written by:  Orville Lynch, Jr.
Mr. Lynch, a member of the legendary two-time Ohio Civil Rights Hall of Fame Award winning Lynch Family. Mr. Lynch is a nationally recognized urban media executive with over 20+ years of diversity recruitment and serial entrepreneur with numerous multi-million dollar exits.
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