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Host engaging, personal, and effective virtual career fairs from anywhere!

Quickly launch personalized, engaging, and effective virtual career fairs with all the tools you need to impress job candidates and attract top talent.

Why Career Town?

We designed our virtual career fair platform encourage job seekers to engage with companies in a similar way to how a traditional career fair would work. Our tools provide everything a recruiter needs to showcase their brand and attract top talent to their hiring events.

Personalized Experience

Focus only on the best candidates for the positions you have as our  proprietary AI matches candidates with the positions that best match their skills and experience. 

Low Cost-Per-Hire

Virtual career fairs are cheaper and easier to attend than traditional career fairs. We connect you  to candidates, regardless of their location, at a much lower cost than in-person events.

Versatile Options

Our virtual career fair platform  can be used by companies  trying to engage talent for their own hiring needs, as well as organizations who organize career fair events locally or nationwide. 

Platform Highlights

Amazing Experience On Any Device

Host amazing virtual career fair events  and give candidates a simple, experience they'll love no matter what device they are using.
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Say Hello! - Real-Time Video Chat

Our HD video and text chat capabilities make it easy for you to get to know candidates and for them to learn about how awesome your organization is.   Our real-time, a one-on-one chat capabilities make it easy to say "hello"!.
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Promote Your Brand

Whether you are hosting your own branded career fair on our platform, or you're an employer attending a Career Town event, our customization tools allow you to ensure your brand is at the center of your candidate's attention.
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Packed full of features

While we offer a lot of features we have focused on keeping them simple, effective, and everything you need to connect with the "right" candidate.

Mobile Friendly

Job seekers and recruiters can  access virtual events on mobile devices with nothing to download.  Just login and go!

Customizable Booths 

Put your best foot forward and impress candidates by customizing your booth with your logo, photos, videos, articles, positions and more.

Candidate Matching AI

Our candidate matching AI allows you to focus your attention on job seekers that best match the positions you are trying to fill.

HD Video & Text Chat

Ensure your candidates are comfortable, engaged and listened to with 1-on-1 video and text chats No Download Required!.

Freedom To Roam

Job seekers have the freedom to move from booth to booth to engage with all employers that have positions they were matched to or are interested in.

Linkedin Integration

Job seekers can easily and quickly create accurate profiles by linking their Linkedin account to Career Town.  Profiles are regularly sync'ed and always up-to-date.

White Label Hosting

Host branded career fairs and sell customizable “booths” to companies.  Job seekers can then visit booths, learn about the companies, and chat with recruiters.

Detailed Reporting

View and download detailed reporting for job seekers that attended the career fair and visited you booth.  (Even if you did not have time to talk with them)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Career Fair

A virtual career fair is a networking event where job seekers can engage with companies online instead of in person.

How Do Virtual Career Fairs Work?

There are two ways our Virtual Career Fairs work:

1.  Attend a Career Town Sponsored Event: Employers and job seekers register for an event and get connected in real-time text and video chat in the employer's booth.   All candidates will have created a profile, possibly upload a resume, and will be ranked for their match against positions that are available.  Candidates also have the option to browse attending employers and request chats once in their booth.

2. Host a Branded Career Fair Event:  Organizations, non-profits, schools, recruiting firms, and anyone else who would like to host virtual job fairs can sell/assign booths to employers and allow job seekers to visit these booths, learn about the employer, and discuss their qualifications as candidates.

Do Actual Interviews Take Place at The Career Fair?

This is completely up to the employer.  Some employers use this forum for screening (and interviews take place afterward) while others conduct phone interviews, video interviews, or schedule in-person interviews during or after the event. 

Many employers make job offers to candidates found through the virtual career fairs. Important: Joining employers’ chat sessions is the first step in potentially securing a job offer.

How Are Chat Sessions Initiated?

Once you enter the virtual exhibitor booth you can request to chat with recruiter(s) while in the booth. Employers then have the option to accept your request or schedule another time for a chat to begin.

How do I get started?

If you are an employer that is interested in attending or hosting a virtual career fair and would like to learn more please either contact us or request a demo.  We look forward to demonstrating how are platform can meet your needs.